Digitizing Industry: Going Global

Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit 2022

12 To 14 December, 2022
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About Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit

Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit (EES) is an annual summit that is organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN Egypt), and founded by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

EES provides a medium to share innovations, experiences and the best practices in the area of MSMEs development within the local and the global entrepreneurship ecosystem. EES connects business people, scholars, civil society representatives and policy makers along with young people to discuss how to unlock the MSMEs potential in Egypt and create more and better jobs.

Over the last 7 years, EES provided attendees a great chance to exchange knowledge and expertise academically and practically. Youth can use EES as an opportunity to have a constructive feedback from key-players in the ecosystem.

EES is a distinguished event to achieve multiple purposes, between the academic content, the networking circles and feasible workshops on various topics, attendees mark their calendars every year to attend the summit to invest in themselves and their businesses.


About Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit 2022

EES 2022 will focus on the future of Industry using the combined power of data and digital to reimagine the products we make and how we make them.EES 2022 will focus on the future of Industry using the combined power of data and digital to reimagine the products we make and how we make them.This integrated approach is called digital engineering and manufacturing.With digital intelligence connecting every point along the way, we will work with you using data and technologies such as AR/VR, cloud, AI, 5G, robotics and digital twins to embed greater resilience, productivity and sustainability into core operations through the creation of new, hyper-personalized experiences and intelligent products and services.The future includes digitizing businesses every step of the way to reimagine how products and services are:

•Designed and engineered

•Sourced and supplied


•Serviced, returned, and renewed
Main theme and topics will include:

-Research & Development

-Product Design & Development 

-Digitization of Supply Chain

-Venturing in Industrial Startups 

-Green Economy

-Digital Industrial Workforce Skills 


-Automation & Robotics 


The summit is organized by the ILO « Decent  Jobs for Egypt’s Young People: tackling the challenge together in Damietta: project funded by Methanex Egypt and GEN Egypt in cooperation with the Governorate of Damietta and Horus University.


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HUE was Initiated in 2013 with the presidential decree no. 199. Established on thirty acres in New Damietta, Egypt, the university’s campus includes six Faculties providing a wide range of majors that could easily satisfy the students’ diverse academic preference. Throughout the very limited period of five years, HUE was keen on annually adding to its campus a new faculty. Chronologically speaking, they are: The Faculty of Dentistry, The Faculty of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Physical Therapy, The Faculty of Engineering, The Faculty of Business Administration and The Faculty of Medicine. Yet, still HUE has some infinite academic and ethical goals that always set it in motion to build up further faculties.